Effective immediately, Australia has expanded their quarantine order, mandating that foreign nationals who have been in China, Iran, the Republic of Korea or Italy in the last 14 days will not be permitted entry into the nation.

Furthermore, all transits must occur on the same day as arrival and passengers will be required to remain airside in the airport.

Passengers who will be permitted entry into the nation include:

  1. Australian citizens
  2. permanent residents
  3. immediate family (includes legal guardians, spouse, de facto partner, provisional partner visa    holders and dependent children of a traveller) of an Australian citizen
  4. nationals of New Zealand who ordinarily reside in Australia with a 444 visa
  5. Nationals of New Zealand transiting through Australia to New Zealand
  6. Diplomats accredited to Australia and currently resident in Australia, and their immediate family.

Malaysia Airlines flies to five (5) destinations in Australia, namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.